Professor Ravi Sandhu

Fall 2003, Thursday 4:30pm - 7:10pm, Innovation 136

Important Notice:

  • 12/16/03: Examination 2 has been received from ALL students.
  • 11/30/03: Examination 2 has been posted here.  Solutions are due on 12/16/03.
  • 11/2/03: Assignment on Housely-Polk will not be posted.  Please continue to study the book. 
  • 10/10/03: Examination 1 has been posted here.  Solutions are due in class on 10/23/03.
  • 9/21/03: As you all know the 9/18/03 lecture was cancelled due to Hurricane Isabel.  The revised schedule is posted on this page.  We have slipped all the lectures by one slot and will do one less lecture overall.  As announced earlier there will be no lecture on 9/25/03.
  • Please do not sign up for this course unless you have COMPLETED BOTH INFS 762 AND INFS 766.
    • There are NO exceptions to this prerequisite. SORRY!
    • Concurrent enrollment in INFS 762 or INFS 766 is not sufficient.
    • If you ignore this prerequisite you will have difficulty with the material and do not expect any sympathy from me.
    • There are alternate courses you can take for the MISA degree or for the Information Security Certificate in Fall 2003.
    • INFS 767 is offered every Fall and Spring semester.
  • This is a tough course with high expectations of the students. Be prepared to be self-reliant and don't let yourself get surprised.
    • We cover a lot of advanced material.
    • The source material is mostly research papers and standards documents that are quite demanding.
    • The examinations and assignments require deep understanding of the material, critical thinking and the ability to write crisply and critically.
    • It is my policy to assign open-ended questions to which I do not know the answers. There are no "right" answers. The point is to present your answer convincingly.
  • Look forward to an exciting course!

Course Prerequisites:    

  • Must have completed INFS 762 and INFS 766. Concurrent enrollment in INFS 762 or INFS 766 is not sufficient.
  • Must be familiar with Discrete mathematics and Formal notation (such as INFS 501).
  • Must be internet, web, pdf (get Acrobat Reader here) and postscript (get GSview here) capable.
  • Must know how to access ACM, IEEE and any other digital libraries available to the GMU community. On-campus and off-campus access to these libraries is available to all GMU students. Links are conveniently available at University Libraries -- Database Wizard
  • No assistance beyond the web links above will be provided on these basic Internet capabilities.
  • There are NO exceptions to these prerequisites. SORRY!

Schedule of Classes:

Grading Policy:

  • Grades will be based on homework assignments and examinations.

Textbook and Readings:    

  • A portion of the course will cover material from Planning for PKI: Best Practices Guide for Deploying Public Key Infrastructure by Russ Housley and Tim Polk, John Wiley 2001.
  • The course extensively uses papers from the literature.

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