INFS 767


INFS 767


Prof. Ravi Sandhu

Fall 2000  
R 4:30pm - 7:10pm  
Room  R B208 

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Instructor:     Dr.Ravi Sandhu 

            Professor of Information & Software Engineering, and 
            Director, Laboratory for Information Security Technology 
            Voice: 703 993 1659, fax: 703 993 1638
                     Office: Rm 457 Science & Tech. II 
                     Office Hours: By appointment. 
                                          Strongly encourage use of e-mail. 
                                          Use e-mail to schedule a phone conversation or meeting 

Teaching Assistant: Lakshmikanth Tripuraneni 


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slidessupport papers
lecture 1 Role-Based Access Control Models{(PDF), (PDF(O)*)}
lecture 2 The ARBAC97 Model for Role-Based Administartion of Roles(PDF(O))
lecture  3.1
Engineering Authority and Trust in Cyberspace:The OM-AM and RBAC Way(PDF)
Configuring Role-Based Access Control to Enforce Mandatory and Discretionary Access Control Policies(PDF)
lecture 4 1. Secure Cookies on the Web(PDF)
2. RBAC on the Web by Smart Certificates(PDF)
3. Injecting RBAC to Secure a Web-Based Workflow System(PDF)
lecture 6 Role-Based Authorization Constraints Specification(PDF)
lecture 8 Security Architectures for Controlled Digital Information Dissemination(PDF)
lecture 9 A Formal Model for Role-Based Access Control using Graph Transformation(PDF)
lecture 10---
lecture 11 Unlinkable serial transactions: protocols and applications
Stuart G. Stubblebine, Paul F. Syverson and David M. Goldschlag
ACM Transactions on Information and System Security Volume 2, No. 4 (Nov. 1999) Pages 354 - 389
available in ACM digital library
lecture 12---

* "PDF(O)" is the version of this paper as published in the concerned journal which may differ slightly from the version indicated by "PDF"

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