INFS 767 Fall 2001:


Take-home Examination 3 for October 18, 2001


Due in class on October 25, 2001.


This is an examination.  You must write the answer yourself without ANY discussion with anyone else.


Provide a signed statement with your submission stating, I have not given help or taken help from anyone on this assignment.




In context of RCL2000 let us define a type 1 constraint to have the form |set| £ 1 and a type 2 constraint to have the form |set| = 1.  Discuss the difference between these two types of constraints at each of the Objective, Model, Architecture and Mechanism layers.


Maximum 500 words.  DO NOT EXCEED THIS LIMIT




Consider the policies that can be supported by type 1 and by type 2 constraints.  This is the “what” aspect.  Also consider what it would take to enforce these two types of constraints.  This is the “how” aspect.