FRIDAY 4:30 - 7:10 P.M 

  ST2 128   

Prof. Ravi Sandhu



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All deliverables are due by email to Prof. Sandhu at by indicated due dates. Please do not submit hardcopy.only your email is required. All questions should be addressed to Prof. Sandhu at Also please visit this website regularly for any updates.

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bulletProf. Ravi Sandhu
bulletnProfessor of Information and Software Engineering
bulletnDirector, Laboratory for Information Security Technology (LIST)
bulletoffice: room 457, Science and Technology II
bulletOffice hours: by appointment
bulletnvoice: 703 993 1659
bulletclass web page:




bulletMust have a dissertation committee
bulletMust have completed comprehensive examination or expect to complete it early in the semester




bulletEmail to immediately
bulletdissertation committee as approved by IT&E
bulletdate comprehensive examination was passed or will be held
bulletwIf to be held this semester please confirm via email when it is successfully completed
bulletEmail to by March 2, 2001
bullettentative thesis title
bullethypothesis statement (200 words maximum)
bulletEmail to by April 6, 2001
bulletrevised thesis title and hypothesis statement
bulletchapter outline: chapter headings and 1 paragraph (200 words maximum) of each chapter
bulletEmail to by May 2, 2001 :
A SINGLE document (MSWord, postscript, pdf or text) stating the following information IN THIS ORDER:
1. Your name
2. Proposed Thesis title
3. Advisor name
4. Committee names
5. Hypothesis statement
6. Thesis outline

All emails from you must be copied to your advisor and must include the statement from you that your advisor has approved the product. This is a requirement of each deliverable.
bulletGet started immediately
bulletwork closely with your advisor
bulletYour PhD study starts now
bulletcourse work is just a prelude
bulletA PhD dissertation needs to be
bulletoriginal: must have a “surprise” element
bulletcoherent: must have a theme
bulletdeep: must tell a deep story like a novel not just a short story
bulletrealistic: don’t promise to do too much or claim to have done too much, stay focused


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