ISA 662, Fall 2006, Assignment 1

Due in class: 9/20/06. No late submissions please.

Prof. Ravi Sandhu

This is an individual assignment. You are required to solve it on your own using whatever material you like. Please sign and submit the following honor code statement with your solution:
I have not taken any help on this examination from anyone and not provided any help to anyone. The solution has been entirely worked out by me and represents my individual effort.
Please submit a typed solution with the signed honor code statement. Submit hard copy in class on the due date. Keep a copy for your records and reference. There is only 1 question.

  1. For each of the following concepts, research the internet for information on the topic and provide a 1/2 page to one page brief essay explaining: (a) what the concept means, (b) how is it realized mathematically, and (c) what are its practical benefits. Identify the source(s) for your information.
    1. Blind signatures
    2. Identity-based encryption
    3. Threshold cryptography
    4. Key escrow
    5. Side channel analysis
    Guideline: Your answer should clearly explain the concept along the three aspects identified above to any of your classmates who did not undertake this exercise themselves.