ISA 662, Fall 2006, Examination 4

Due by hard copy on 12/13/06 at regularly scheduled class time. Submit in Room 468, ST2 Building to Baoxian Zhao. No late submissions please.

Prof. Ravi Sandhu

This is an individual examination. You are required to solve it on your own using the specified article. You may use whatever additional material you like but you should not discuss the article with anyone else. Please sign and submit the following honor code statement with your solution:
I have not taken any help on this assignment from anyone and not provided any help to anyone. The solution has been entirely worked out by me and represents my individual effort.
Please submit a typed solution with the signed honor code statement. Keep a copy for your records and reference.

    Pick ONE of the following 2 papers. Write a 1 page essay giving a review of the paper. In your review specifically state in your opinion (i) something the authors have done very well, and (ii) something the authors have omitted.
  1. "Trust requirements in identity management." Audun Josang, John Fabre, Brian Hay, James Dalziel and Simon Pope. Proceedings of the 2005 Australasian workshop on Grid computing and e-research - Volume 44 ACSW Frontiers '05, January 2005. Page 99-108. Available in ACM digital library.
  2. "User-centric identity management frameworks: User centricity: a taxonomy and open issues." Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzely, Jan Camenisch, Thomas Gross and Dieter Sommer. Proceedings of the second ACM workshop on Digital identity management DIM '06, November 2006. Pages 1-10. Available in ACM digital library.