IT 862: Computer Security Models and Architectures

Professor Ravi Sandhu

Spring 2005

Thursday 4:30pm-7:10pm, Innovation Hall 136

Note to doctoral students: This course is required of ALL doctoral students in the Information Security and Assurance track.  The course may also be useful to doctoral students outside of the security track.

Note to MS students: This course is open to MS students.  Knowledge of the advanced material taught in this course will be beneficial to security professionals throughout their careers.  MS students are encouraged to sign up.  The insights obtained in this course will be useful throughout a security professional’s career.

Pre-requisites: ISA 780 (previously INFS 780) is a pre-requisite for IT 862 (and is offered by Prof. Sandhu in Fall semesters).  For maximum benefit from IT 862 the student should have completed ISA 662 (previously INFS 762) and ISA 666 (previously INFS 766), or have equivalent knowledge of information and network security.

Important Notice:

·        4/22/05: final examination is posted here

·        3/1/05: student presentation papers list has been posted here

·        2/23/05: Readings 1 and 2 have been updated

·        ISA 780 (previously INFS 780) is a mandatory prerequisite.

·        At least one of ISA 662 (previously INFS 762) and ISA 666 (previously INFS 766) is a mandatory pre-requisite or co-requisite.

Course Prerequisites:    

  • ISA 780 (previously INFS 780) is required.  At least one of ISA 662 (previously INFS 762) and ISA 666 (previously INFS 766) is a pre-requisite or co-requisite.
  • Must be internet, web, pdf (get Acrobat Reader here) and postscript (get GSview here) capable.
  • Must know how to access ACM, IEEE and any other digital libraries available to the GMU community. On-campus and off-campus access to these libraries is available to all GMU students. Links are conveniently available at University Libraries -- Database Wizard

Schedule of Classes:

·        27-Jan-05: Access control hierarchies 1, Readings 1 | Lecture 1 slides

·        3-Feb-05: Access control hierarchies 2 Lecture 2 slides

·        10-Feb-05: Access control hierarchies 3 Lecture 3 slides

·        17-Feb-05: Examination 1, no lecture Examination 1

·        24-Feb-05: no lecture (University closed due to inclement weather)

·        3-Mar-05: Access control hierarchies 4, Readings 2 | Lecture 4 slides 1 | Lecture 4 slides 2

·        10-Mar-05: Cyber-Identity, Authority and Trust in an Uncertain World Lecture 5 slides

·        17-Mar-05: Spring Break, no lecture

·        24-Mar-05: Logical model and specification of usage control Readings 3 | Lecture 6 slides

·        31-Mar-05: Security Issues in P2P Systems Lecture 7 slides

·        7-Apr-05: Trusted Computing and P2P Access Control paper | Lecture 8 slides

·        Student presentations: details

·        14-Apr-05: student presentations: (1) Richard Murphy slides, (2) Rick Knowles slides

·        21-Apr-05: student presentations: (3) Mohamed K Kamara slides, (4) Faisal T. Khan slides

·        28-Apr-05: student presentations: (5) Angela Orebaugh, (6) Vijayant Dhankhar

·        5-May-05: no class, make-up class on 12-May-05

·        12-May-05: student presentations: (7) Ram Krishnan selected papers || wrap-up
final examination due by email on

Grading Policy:

·         Grades will be based on assignments, examinations and class participation. 

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