IT 862 Spring 2005

Prof. Ravi Sandhu

Final Examination 1


Due in class on 5/12/05


This is an examination.  You must write the answer yourself without ANY discussion with anyone else.  You are free to consult whatever literature you choose to.


Provide a statement with your submission stating, I have not given help or taken help from anyone on this assignment.


Please submit via email to or fax to 253 563 3509 on or before 5/12/05.


1.      Based on your presentation in class answer the following questions in less than 200 words each:

a.       What are the central contributions of the paper?

b.      What are the principal shortcomings of the technical content of the paper?

c.       What do you learn about the paper due to your experience in presenting it in class and reacting to the questions and comments?