IT 962 Spring 2006

Prof. Ravi Sandhu

Examination 3



Due by midnight on 05/11/06


This is an examination.  You must write the answer yourself without ANY discussion with anyone else.  You are free to consult whatever literature you choose to.


Provide a statement with your submission stating, I have not given help or taken help from anyone on this assignment.


Please submit via email to or fax to 253 563 3509 by midnight on 05/11/06.


There is only one question.

  1. For each of the three papers discussed in the two Trust Management lectures discuss (i) one major point of criticism regarding the paper (the more major the better), and (ii) propose how this criticism can be addressed (the better the advise the better the answer).
    Limit 500 words for each paper, 1500 words total.