Professor Ravi Sandhu

Spring 2004, Tuesday 5:30pm - 8:40pm, NG

Important Notice:

  • 5/31/04: The final course schedule is posted and will not be changed.
  • 5/24/04: Examination 2 has been posted here  Due in class 6/15/04.
  • 5/17/04: Assignment 2 has been posted here  Due in class 6/15/04.
  • 5/10/04: Lecture schedule has been modified.  New “SSL trust pitfalls” lecture inserted on 5/18/04.  PKCS lecture has been dropped.
  • 5/1/04: Examination 1 has been posted here  Due in class 5/11/04.
  • 4/8/04: Assignment 1 has been posted here  Due in class 5/11/04.
  • Papers used in homework assignments are available to all GMU students via University Libraries -- Database Wizard .  Free reader to open and print pdf is available at the following link: Acrobat Reader. 
  • Please watch this space for announcements.

Course Prerequisites:    

  • Must have completed INFS 612.
  • Must be internet, web and pdf (get Acrobat Reader here) capable.


  • Grades will be based on examinations and assignments.  All examinations and assignments have roughly equal weightage.
  • Final grades will be assigned by “curving” grades assigned on individual assignments and examinations. 

Schedule: The schedule is subject to change and adjustment as the semester proceeds.

Reference book:    

  • There is no textbook as such.  The following is recommended as a backup to the lectures and as a useful reference source.  The lectures are not directly based on this book but cover much the same material.
  • Network Security; Private Communication in a Public World
    Kaufman, Perlman and Speciner
    2nd edition, 2002
    Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-046019-2

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